Most Mysterious Places In The World

10. Overtoun Bridge, Scotland


50 dogs in the last 50 years have jumped off the Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland. They met their death on jagged rocks 40ft below the historic location. The most recorded was five dogs in just a six month period. All of the tragic incidents took place at the same spot; on the right-hand side between the last two parapets. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals labelled the phenomenon a “heartbreaking mystery”.

The mystery caused great speculation online with some claiming that the bridge encouraged man’s best friend to commit suicide and many locals no longer take their dogs anywhere near the old Victorian bridge.

Many believe the bridge is haunted after an incident in 1994 when a man named Kevin Moy threw his baby son to his death from the bridge; as he believed the newborn was the anti-Christ. He then tried to kill himself but was unsuccessful and when asked why he committed such a heinous crime, he confessed the bridge had made him do it as it had a powerful effect on him.